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Eyebrows By Tulin

Tulin's Eyebrow Philosophy
I LOVE WHAT I DO. I am an expert in designing my client’s brows to frame the beauty of their face. I believe that brow design is an art form, not just a mechanical process of removing hair. I believe beautiful brows help my clients to feel more confident and happy. It’s why I do what I do! I also believe that my client’s time is valuable, and I respect that time by allowing enough time to sculpt the perfect brow! My appointments begin and end on time! I’m very proud of that!
What to Expect on your First Visit

Expect your first visit to be a consultation about your eyebrow background/history and the way your eyebrows should be shaped. After getting your eyebrows shapley designed by Tulin, the next recommended visit would be between two to three weeks.

Now Offering Microblading!