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Behind the Work of Art

Tulin, licensed facial specialist, began her brow design career at a young age of 13 in her native country, Turkey. Technically, she was her very first client, as she started learning the art of brow design by threading her own facial hair. While attending University, Tulin branched out and started designing her friend’s and dorm mates eyebrows. Facial threading became her favorite hobby and she continued fine tuning her craft. Tulin brought her skills to Miami beach in the year 2000, a time when eyebrow threading was unheard in South Florida.  She helped ignite this new direction in the industry!

Her artistry is sought after by prominent dermatologists, make-up artists, and hair salons. Many of these referrals come simply by these professionals having seen her work on clients, without even having met Tulin.

Most recently, Tulin enhanced her certifications in permanent makeup, and is happy to offer the cutting edge art of Microblading to her clients.

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